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Dear God? Jesus? Anybody listening?

    So God, my Mom tells me I should pray to you since you would listen to me more than her...or so she thinks.
I do believe in you, even when I don't say "God", I've even been talking to your son lately, or to anyone who will listen really. She seems to think we're going through some kind of test, and maybe we are. I remember back in 2004 saying that life had tests and challenges, things we needed to learn so we could become who we were supposed to be, do what we were supposed to do.

    My Uncle told me a story about this woman who died and said she went to heaven. She saw all her family there, and her pets, but when she got there Jesus came up to her, hugged her and said "You have to go back." She didn't want to go back. Well Jesus said to her, and this is the part that gets to me, he said, "Let me show you what will happen if you don't go back."


 It's funny how we can spend our lives being afraid of dying, but when we actually get to that point we don't want to live in this place anymore. Why is that? Because there's supposed to be a better place after this world? This can't be the only world...can it? We say, "I don't believe it unless I see it for myself." What of the blind? They don't see anything, so how then could they believe in you? Or in fairies, or leprechauns. I know it sounds funny those last two ones but really, how can they believe if they've never seen it for themselves?

     I don't know what would happen if I weren't here, and I can't exactly say I don't plan to find out because I have no idea what tomorrow holds. Even if I never step outside of my front door. Anything could happen. To be honest I'm not sure what exactly it is I'm trying to say, but if you're there and you know me so well...then you know what's really in my heart, and I don't have to say it...but once I find the words I will. 






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