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I don't know if I've shared this with anyone before.  I was just thinking about prayer, and why I pray. 

In middle school I was a really lonely kid, not because I didn't have friends but because I was too nervous and had too low of self esteem to feel comfortable talking to people.  During school I would pray silently, and not so that anyone around me could really tell.  It was probably a lot like meditating, and it made me feel better whenever I started to get too upset during the day.

I also used to have a phobia that my family members would die during the night.  I would lie awake in bed for hours some nights, because I couldn't get images and feelings of waking up and finding my family dead out of my head.  Praying helpedme to calm down and to let go of that.  It helped me to remember that there are times when I can't control what happens, and I'll be happier if I don't dwell on it too much.

I don't really stick to set prayers, like the Hail Mary or Our Father.  It just seems too formal.  I usually pray for help, asking that God will protect me and everybody.

I'm Catholic, and I've gone to Eucharistic Adoration a few times.  The Eucharist sits on the alter, and people can walk into the chapel and just pray.  I like it because the room is quiet and dim, where I feel most comfortable, and I reflect on different things.  I like the idea of mysticism, and when I was at adoration I felt most connected to that.  I felt calm for once.  I've thought about going again, outside of faith formtion class, but I never seem to get the chance. 



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